By Shula Strassfeld

In February, I spent almost three weeks in Syracuse, NY as part of a Dance Exchange residency. I had not been excited about going. After all, I know what -20 celsius feels like! But I donned my LLBean coat and my Canadian winter boots (guaranteed to -35) and went. Not only was the weather unseasonably mild, the residency was extraordinary. We all look forward to going back.

Since returning to DC, I seem to discover Syracuse connections wherever I look, on the news, old friends. Last week, my car insurance renewal came in the mail. It was significantly higher than last year, so I called to see why. While the person who answered waited for her computer to bring up my file, we chatted about this and that. I asked her where she was. She answered, “upstate NY.” I said, “oh, where?” She answered (yup, you guessed it) Syracuse. I told her all about our residency, how much we loved Syracuse. We talked about Strong Hearts Cafe, Dinosaur BBQ, the canal museum, which she had not visited.

In the end my insurance will cost me less than last year. Because I love Syracuse? Who knows. I choose to think so.

Posted on: July 1st, 2012