Hand Youre Dealt

Kevin Borg & Katrina Borg (7 of Diamonds)
Fueled Fossils
The hand we are dealt in the generation, in this place: Four-wheeled, fueled fossils on which our transportation and economic systems depend, but cannot be sustained.
The seven of diamonds: A number both lucky and sacred. Might we yet play a better hand?

Dymph De Wild (7 of Hearts)
In the Woods
For centuries wanderlust has been associated with freedom, mobility, displacement, enrichment, development, connections, inventiveness, and boundaries. In the Woods depicts the artist on one of her walks in a Belgium forest on a cold winter night. Today with the forest long gone, the artist continues her meanders in the American landscape moving through space while collecting fragments of her new life along the way.

Nicole Salimbene (Queen of Clubs)
Gambling on Consumption
I am inspired by the idea of the consumer as gambler and the questions: what do we win or lose when we shop? Or in the wake of 9/11, when we were told to shop? The image of the queen of clubs is deconstructed and printed directly onto my personal receipts. They hang clothesline style, an airing of my dirty laundry as a consumer.

Piet Niederhausen (Ace of Clubs)
Betting the Farm: One More Year
In urban culture, the small family farm is a symbol of stability and idyllic country life. But for many small farms, every year is a gamble on weather, crops, markets, and loan rates. It’s a gamble that goes back for generations, investing untold labor through cycles of prosperity and loss, to a time when nearly everyone was dependent on the harvest and anxiously awaited the hand they were dealt.

Rob McDonald (8 of Hearts)
Let the Cards Fall Where They May
Some say let the cards fall where they may. Here is one, the eight of hearts, settled in a scraggly bed of chrysanthemums that comes back year after year in a garden I once made for my wife. It is a melancholy image, a love letter resting among hardy flowers of autumn.

Daniel Robinson (Ace of Diamonds)
In many games, the ace can be either the beginning or the end of the deck, the first and last card that constitutes the never-ending connection of all the cards in the deck. This symbolic connection provides the structure for this image. The ace takes on a mythic quality suspended in a glowing circular space that floats against a darkened space.

Posted on: March 29th, 2012