By Sarah Levitt, Takoma Park, MD

During the last bit of our 70 mile journey from DC to Harper’s Ferry, we sang–Disney songs with new lyrics, blues songs invented by Paloma, and a new one called “I Shall Not Be Moved”. Cassie and I had talked about what a song would song like if the mountain wrote it, and I made up a song from our conversations about the mountain’s perspective on the changes taking place around it. A few months after creating the song, we spent a day with Larry Gibson, and the song took on new resonance, and seemed to be the song not only of the mountain, but of the people fighting to protect the land they loved. This song is sung during the final scene of “How To Lose a Mountain.”

“I Will Not Be Moved”
Written by Sarah Levitt in collaboration with the cast
Performed by Sarah Levitt
Percussion by Zeke Leonard
Posted on: May 22nd, 2013