By Emily Theys

We found a piano. We took a walk. We met a man. We made a dance.

This week marks exactly one year from first day Cassie Meador and the Dance Exchange set out on a 500 mile walk to trace the sources of the electricity that power the homes and businesses in the DC Metro area. In that year a lot has changed–a piano that was headed to the junkyard was turned into a series of new voices in the form of beautiful ukuleles and guitars; a walk took place over two months and 500 miles and took us to power plants and farms, to mountaintops and riverbeds, through snowstorms rainstorms, emotional storms; a man named Larry Gibson entered our lives as quickly as he left, an untimely and unfortunate passing last fall just as we headed to the studio to begin rehearsals for the stage production of How To Lose a Mountain. A dance was built with many hands and feet—5 performers, 1 choreographer, a dedicated staff of 5 and countless DX friends, family, partners, donors and supporters who made the whole thing possible.

(Originally published April 2013 in Center for Sustainable Practices in the Arts Quarterly. Click here to see the full story.)


Posted on: May 23rd, 2013