By Michiko Ishikawa (female/50s), Japan

Q. What is the most valuable part of your inheritance?

A ball of snow

The ball of snow which I have kept in the refrigerator is my most valuable item. When my daughter was in the third grade (nine years old)—she is now twenty-seven years old, one day in February she gave me a ball of snow. When she came back home from school and she said to me, “mom, this is the souvenir to you”. At first the ball of snow shaped a big perfect circle but at present the shape was changed than as it used be. Every year it gets smaller and smaller.
When my daughter was a little girl, I used it to charm away my daughter’s illness. Whenever she had a fever, I put it on her forehead and I said to her, “it can make you get better”. I brought up my daughter with the help of the ball of snow.

Though the foodstuffs are consumed very quickly, only this ball of snow has been kept in the usual space in my refrigerator. So it might be something to rely on all my life.

I am sorry not to be able to bring it today. I showed you the picture instead.


Posted on: January 29th, 2013