By Brenna
The luck of the ladybug

Our family was out for a bike ride Saturday April 14th and were  treated to the  open lock house, lock 30, so we had to stop and check it out. Inside was amazing. We were so pleased to see each room and the artifacts, maps, and stories. In the cooking area we saw a woman taking photos of the ceiling. We looked up too. What was up there? It was ladybugs!
Our daughter was very excited to see so many ladybugs. “They are good luck, right?”
We enjoyed our lunch on the porch with Pepper the Docent and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My daughter went out to her bike to ride in the heath grass and yelled out excitedly
“MOM there is a ladybug on my HANDLEBARS!!!”   
“Oh now that is Good Luck!”  I replied.
She was excited beyond words riding the ladybug around in the grass. She jumped into the air. Huge smiles!  “A lady bug, a real ladybug on MY bike!”  
As a Mom of a 7-year-old who knows how to use netflix, an ipad, search google, and the like I am overjoyed to see her appreciation and pure joy over her ladybug.
It shows me that when we remove our children from all of the distractions of modern life, that seem to consume them when available, they are pure children still.  Perhaps the lock keepers daughter in the 1800s found a ladybug one day playing in the same heath. I wish I had captured the photo of the ladybug but the moment will stay with me a long time.
Nature in its purest form brought a child to leap! Joy!
 I am motivated to keep providing these experiences for her. Work life is hectic and it is easier to pop in a movie but as a parent my compass has been reset.  I WILL get out in nature as much as possible. She WILL have the purest form of joy available.


Posted on: April 18th, 2012